Santa’s Beautiful Babies!!!! (we just had babies born this week)!!!!!

We want to wish all our friends and families a very Merry Christmas. We really love all the cards,e-mails and letters that you send to us. It makes the Harvey Family so happy to be able to share the love and joy that having a Siberian Husky brings. Families that have a Siberian Husky share the awe that we have with our Angels. It doesn’t matter if the angel is little or big. My kids just love getting the pictures…because one of the Harvey 7 owns the Mom and Dad. It brings us happiness. So what goes around comes around. The cycle of life. So we would like to share some pics.

This is from Alicia and Kiya…two of Santa’s beautiful babies!!!

Merry Christmas from Alicia and Kiya!!!!

Diana has these two angels so trained…that i am teasing her about the naughty!!!They do look like they are planning something!!!You know that Santa watching is really tough!!!Even if your not furry!!!
Santa’s Babies!!!

Diana and Jesse's Naughty and Nice Babies!!!!

Here is Machiavelli and Onyx…and they love Santa and would like to pull his sleigh….but Mom and Dad have to come too!! Merry Christmas sweet Melissa and Mike…

Santa's Helpers Machiavelli and Onyx....

It just would not be Christmas without one Princess…so here is Megan’s Princess Annabelle…

Megan's Little Princess Annabelle!!!

Here is Annabelle’s Official First Christmas Picture…

You can see why she is a princess!!!!

Now Nicole’s baby loves the tree…I mean loves the tree …this is so funny!!! Did you see the antlers…lol!!
I guess their are quite a few Naughty but Nice babies out there….

Nicole's baby!!!

Here are Destiny Rose’s two babies…standing at attention….because they want to go out and play…are they trained or what…I feel like saying “on your mark, get set, go”

Look how attentive they it !!!Good job Destiny Rose...

Here is a snow Angel Mia..she picked out her tree with Derek and Katelyn and just got so excited…she jumped in the trunk…so happy with her tree…then the finished result…ta da…she looks so pleased with her tree….Merry Christmas

Mia on her great adventure..the right tree!!!

Here is Oakley with his beautiful girls…going to have a wonderful first Christmas.

Oakley and his beautiful family!!!

Here are three beautiful Santa babies….Beautiful baby Audrina with her puppy Titan and her gorgeous Mother Melinda…they are getting ready to have a beautiful Christmas…look at the baby looking at Titan…here’s two partners in crime…lol!!!

Merry Christmas from Derrick and Megan with their angels Kato (red handsome boy) and Kaiya (the black beauty) . Looks like everybody has been nice and not naughty.

Merry Christmas from Derrick & Megan...

Merry Christmas from Hennessey’s Miko who has been a very good boy…and will get lots of presents!!!!

Hennessey's Miko...

This is Jerome’s Mishka’s second Christmas and you can see she is excited…You can tell she’s been very good.

Jerome's Mishka wishes everybody a Merry Christmas!!!

Draco and Isis (left to right) look like their going to have a very Merry Christmas…I think they have a secret!!!!

Merry Christmas from Draco and Isis (left to right)

I can’t resist adding two more pics. Kayla and Aspen dreaming of a White Christmas… .beautiful Santa babies…

Look at the power of Dreams….here is Aspen …playing in the snow…

Merry Christmas Kayla, Brent and Aspen….

Thanks so much for bringing our family so much love and joy!!!We wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Merry Christmas.
Yes we had babies this week.!!!!We feel so blessed. Will post pics in two-three weeks..Call us to talk….blacks and reds so far..

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