Love is in the air!!!

We had a fabulous winter the dogs had a blast with the snow!!!It sounded like we were having a party. They really don’t mind the cold. They really love their train and the snow. Siberian Huskies love to play.They were waiting for me to come in and play. I had two little kids with me and they could not wait. Siberian Huskies are crazy about kids.They would leave me for a carload of kids or a sledding party of kids!!!lol!!! Fun…Fun…Fun!!!!

See Kiera on top of the train!!!

I do have the best job in the world!!!I love taking good care of my fur kids. They are endlessly fascinating and bring our family lots of love and joy. We get to share that love and ¬†joy with our adoptive families. I get all kinds of pictures from families that have one or two or three of our angels. I can’t thank people enough. We love to see what the babies grow into and hear stories about them. People always ask me questions about Siberian Huskies especially things they have read. Usually all of it is true and none of it is true.What how can that be??? A Siberian Husky is like a mirror…what you put into the mirror is what you get back times about 300%. They are a pack animal…and you become their pack. All the members of your family become part of the pack. Your puppy values all members of the pack…and brings out the love and bonds of the pack. They make you closer as a family. They bring much love into your life. I have a girlfriend in a wheel chair and she is home bound and her husky never leaves her and her hubby (who is retired) except to sit on the porch. I have a friend that hikes mountains all over the United States and her husky goes with her and also carries a pack. They adapt themselves to their pack family. What you put into the mirror…is what you get.

Here is Neiko”s and Noah’s love story…

Neiko (Red Siberian Husky) and Noah (Maine Coon Cat)

One of the questions people ask me is if Siberians like cats and get along ? If they are raised together yes. They love their pack !!!

What you teach them and you do (they imitate their peeps) is what they do!!! Here is Neiko with one of the Deaver family…they put this shallow pond in for Neiko he loves the water….he imitates everything they do!!! See they have trained him not to dig!!!They have a gorgeous yard.

Deaver Family Pond for Neiko

Neiko spends all summer here at his pond with his fish. See next picture. Neiko spends all winter baby sitting his fish.

Neiko babysitting his fish all winter!!!

Well I probably hear the most from families who have reds and also pure whites. They are the most loving and smartest of the Siberian Huskies. My opinion…last pic is of Neiko and Noah in their room. Our thanks to the Deaver family for their pictures and sharing their love.

Neiko is 7 and Noah is 17.

We love our red boys and have a big selection. No red Siberian Huskies are exactly the same shade of red. It is truly amazing. I think the reds are the most loving. Here is Wolfie…he has quite a mask. He has what is called the dirty face because of his freckles. They win the awards lately. He has super blue eyes.His fur is so luxurious and such beautiful shades and ticking.He is really one of a kind. His mask makes him an exotic. We won’t ever have one like him. The little twist the mask takes is beautiful…gives him dimension.

Look at his Mask!!

Wolfie with his big blue eyes!!!

Who wants to play???

Wolfie is very mellow and sweet…see his ears…he has to grow a little for them to stand up..
Here is wolfie’s video…

Just one more Wolfie…

Here is Wolfie’s brother Diamond Bear…

Diamond Bear !!!

Look at that face!!!

Here is Diamond Bear again…look at the color of his ticking..what a luxurious fur he has..look at his crown…with his little flame wow..he is a looker…

You can see how Diamond Bear is growing…he really isn’t as big as he looks in the pics…

Alfie takes chillin to the next level…he is so mellow…we could hardly keep him awake…he is a light silver red with very blue eyes. He has a beautiful open bird.Very soft coloring his red. This little fellow is sweet. He is very outgoing and friendly.

Sweet Alfie

Here is Alfie…he has a chill personality and has super luxurious fur…

Beautiful sweet alfie

Here is alfie’s video…

If your looking for a very rare deep red Tyler is your puppy. He has a unique red coloring. He has the bluest eyes and he wants to play. He is very out going and very friendly. He is not going to be real large.

want to play???

Rare red Tyler !!!!

Here is Tyler’s video…

Here is Mudge…my kids loved Henry and Mudge books growing up. Henry finds companionship and love in a big dog named Mudge. So for anybody who is lonely here is Mudge. Mudge has a unique bird and it will turn into a beautiful crown. He has very striking blue eyes. He is really cute and hates having his pic taken. lol

Mudge looking to play!!!

Mudge...want to play!!!

Mudge hates having his pic taken....

Here is Blizzard…he is a pure white siberian with very blue eyes. He sure is regal and commanding. He has alot of confidence. He has the dancer”s body and would be great for running.

I am just too cute!!!

Up close and personal…is he a beauty…ears a few more days to go up….

Blizzard up close!!!

I have two cute videos of Blizzard…the first one I call him Sebastian…which was his bro…he got hurt…you can see it…he is a smart one…

Here you can see he is a lover…

I have two red girls…Melody and Tess….

Here is Melody…she is a soft red…has a perfect bird…which will grow into a symmetrical perfect crown..and deep blue eyes. She is very playful and sweet. A real lover bugs.

Melody is a beauty.

Queen Tess is a real beauty. She has turquoise eyes. She is going to be smaller in size. She is active and out going.She is growing into a regal Queen.She is a soft red could be a ghost Siberian Husky.
Nobody is a stranger.She is a cuddler.This pic is accurate in her coloring…which is hard to capture…but it was a week ago and we had sunlight. That is how turquoise her eyes are and her shade of red.

Tess snuggling me...

The picture above is a week later…she is really coming into a regal little Queen pose…she is so sweet.

Here is her video…

It was a dark day and we didn’t capture her color in the video…but you get an idea of her personality.

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