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New Arrivals

posted by on January 26th, 2016

Look at the beautiful puppies! This is the time of year that Siberian Huskies like to have puppies!!!!They love winter and love to have puppies in the winter!!!We have more puppies coming. It is best to call me and see if I have what you want. We have all colors coming. Reds, Whites and black and whites. I have boys coming. Right now I seem to have quite a few girls. always good to put a deposit on a pup as they go fast. My number is 315-405-2709.
The pure whites are the rarest of the Siberian huskies.They are very amazing. Many people with PTSD use them for training and service dogs. They are very smart and very loving.
Here is Olivia and she is a pure white female Siberian husky with eyes so blue that they are violet.She is very beautiful and she just melts right into me as I talk.


Next up is Sydney and she is a real little beauty. She has very blue violet eyes. She is a little doll.Very sweet and very loving.She how she cuddles right into me.

Here is Exotic Emma and she is a light red silver female Siberian husky.She looks like she is going to be a ghost Siberian husky. That is where they have so much silver ticking that they look luminescent in the sunlight.They are very prized and rare. She has the turquoise eyes.Quite a unusual shade of blue and she is all eyes.
She is very loving and out going.She has beautiful markings and looks like a little tiger.

Here is Sasha and she is black, white and grey. Her markings on her face are very striking and look luminescent in person. She has the eyeliner around her eyes that make her eyes just pop.Her markings look like lace with her freckles.Her eyes are very blue and her nose is black.She is very calm and sweet.

Here is Luna. She is red and white. She has very blue eyes. Here are her pics. She has a perfect crown mask. Just enough moons around her eyes for her eyes to really pop out.



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