Happy Valentine’s Day…All Husky Lovers!!!

We are having a winter wonderland here…we have so much snow it is unreal!!! Of course the Siberian Huskies love it. It sounds like I am having a big party. Which we really are!!! Nobody wants to come in…they love the snow. We have to be careful not to lose this love in the snow. Here is Maximilion…he is a one picture boy. He is a pure white Siberian Husky with baby blue eyes. He has a little pink nose and is full of personality. He is going to be a big boy and is about 14 pounds and my kids say his personality weighs more!!! lol

Maximillion posing!!!

We love our red boys and have a big selection. No red Siberian Huskies are exactly the same shade of red. It is truly amazing. I think the reds are the most loving. Here is Quinn…he has quite a mask. He has what is called the dirty face because of his freckles. They win the awards lately. he has super blue eyes.


He is a gorgeous shade of red with very deep blue eyes. He is going to be a real dog…big and mellow….a loverbugs…who could resist that face!!!! What a beautiful crown he is going to have.

Look at that face!!!

Here is Wolfie…He is a  beautiful shade of red with very deep blue eyes…also very mellow….he has a beautiful mask..see his ears…he is just almost getting them to stand…they are adorable when first coming up. They fool around with them trying to make them stand up. But their head has to grow a little for them to stand up.

Wolfie chillin...

One more little Wolfie….see I can almost get that ear up…just got to grow a little more…

The third big boy is Bear…he is a beautiful shade of red and has deep blue eyes…he has a diamond in his mask…see if you see it!!! Bear, Wolfie and Quinn are brothers…very big and mellow…

Bear with his diamond mask!!!

One more Bear…see his ears are not up yet…almost….

Thor is the softest, silkiest luxurious grey fur fellow we ever had. He has gold eyes…not black not exactly brown but gold. He has a really beautiful mask his markings are different. He is a little unique fellow. Just super nice temperament.

Thor with his gold eyes!!!

Want to play!!!!

Alfie takes chillin to the next level…he is so mellow…we could hardly keep him awake…he is a light silver red with very blue eyes. He has a beautiful open bird.Very soft coloring his red. This little fellow is sweet. Not a lot of emphasis on the little part.

Alfie trying to stay awake!!!

Alfie chillin!!!

Here is Tyler…he is the deepest red like a crimson red…very rare.His first pic really captures how red he is.it is hard to get it exactly that shade. He has deep blue eyes with a club bird.  He is a real beauty.His ears are straight up…

Tyler rare deep red!!

Tyler posing!!!

Tyler so striking!!!

I just could not get how blue his eyes are in this…but I got his beautiful color. He is striking.

Here is my Sebastian…he is a pure white…with very blue eyes…and his ears want to go up…but his head has to grow a little bit….but see that he is trying. Right now he is a little pudgy…don’t you love it.Can’t you see how seriously he is trying to push those ears up.

Serious Sebastian!!!

Sebastian is seriously cute!!!With his blue eyes and little tan-pink nose. He is a loverbugs.

I have only a few girls…First up is Melody…look at how soft red she is…her mask is perfect…what a beautiful crown she will have…look at her ears. They are almost up…she waves them…she wants to be a big girl. Her head has to grow just a little…for those babies to stand up. They are very proud when they can get them up.

Melody posing!!!

Melody chillin...

Melody with her big blue eyes!!!

These next three are only about five weeks old….first up is Crimson…deep red baby girl with deep blue eyes. She is a beauty.

Crimson posing for a selfie!!!Crimson loving the selfies!!!

Here is little Karla…she is black and white…touch of grey . She has the teddy bear markings with very blue eyes. Classically beautiful.


Kaptivating Karla

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