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posted by on May 20th, 2015

Aloha means affection and peace in the Hawaiian language. That is why they use it for “hello” and “goodbye”. It is really such a lovely sentiment. That is what it is like with our special families that have one or more of our Angels. We often hear from them and receive pictures!!! We are so blessed and really enjoy the pictures!!!

Solomon crew!!!

Ice cream for everybody!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures…these two pups met up at petsmart …and everybody went crazy taking pics!!!!

Sasha and Aero pose at Petsmart!!!

Birds of a feather!!!

I have been totally in love with Siberian Huskies for 25 years! I have loved them and raised them for that long. They can be as different as finger prints in many ways. But what stays the same is their love of everybody in the pack especially children and including other animals. How utterly smart they are and eager to please their families. What joy and love they bring to their families.

For some reason I hear most from families that have whites and yes they are unique and very loving!!!We have noticed that people that are healers or very creative want a white Siberian Husky. I have the best job in the world raising these beautiful little angels. I really enjoy it and love meeting the special families that seem to find me and connect. So ALOHA to all our friends and families.

Here are our Angels we have right now…ready to love you and bring you joy!!!Yes I am state licensed and all my pups are vet checked, microchipped, shots and wormed. We guarantee our angels!!!

Aloha from Emma!!!

Emma is so sleek and so beautiful. Her confirmation is just perfect. She has very blue eyes. She is beyond friendly. She has to grow a little for her ears to stand up.

Emma chillin!!!

Totally Emma…

Aloha from Emma!!!

Emma with her ears up…

Emma !!!

Elsa is a real little beauty with her blue eyes, big personality and little black nose…

Elsa says Aloha!!!

Aloha from Elsa!!!

Rhu and Elsa are so alike in looks and personality…sometimes I have to line them up and look at them…

Aloha from Rhu!!

Rhu is a real beauty…and I think this is her best picture…

Aloha from Rhu...

This is how small these little Angels are…they look big in the pictures…

See how little Rhu is!!!

Ava is named after one of my kid’s friends because she is very hilarious and fun to be with…just like this little Ava…she makes funny little faces…she has blue eyes…


Aloha from Ava…

Ava...let's play!!!

Ava...says It wasn't me Mom!!!lol

Here is Ava’s Collage…you have to see the pics together to see her personality…